Deft Racing 2G fiberglass hood

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Deft Racing 2G fiberglass hood

Post by mjannusch » Tue Jul 24, 2018 3:18 am

I bought this a couple years ago to use on the Spyder, but I've decided to stick with the stock hood after all.

It is a stock-type replacement, no special vents or styling changes. Note that there are no hood strut holes, so you cannot use hood struts unless you figure out a way to install inserts of some type and use lighter struts. On my car, with the hinges in the stock locations, it was very close to the left fender and about 1/4" of gap on the passenger side. I didn't want to start elongating hinge mount holes or things like that, and don't have a spare set of hinges to modify. That's on my car - yours may be different...

Overall the hood looks very good, but not "perfect". There is a slight low spot sort of near the middle of the hood. The "points" at the far back ends aren't totally perfect, but certainly not "bad". Probably as good a fiberglass/carbon hood you are going to find anywhere for these cars. It is exactly as it came out of the box. I test fitted it on my hinges, but didn't drive at all with it on. It is gel-coated black and these are typically painted to match the car, but you could use it as-is if you wanted.

These are $420 + $150 for shipping, but if someone local wants to pick it up I'd do $400.
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