Whats your best kill story

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Post by wishIwasFast » Tue Dec 26, 2006 4:08 am

We don't street race much, but our first race ever was against a taurus SHO (the pre-bubble style, v-6). We were in the '91 TT (back when it only had an intake & boost controller). Anyways, we were driving around sometime around midnight, early winter. When we stopped at a stopsign, all the sudden there was a car RIGHT behind us. Thinking it was a cop or something, John drove all legal like, speed limit, blinkers and such. When we got onto a road where there was room to pass, the car pulled out and "flew" by us. "Flying" by for a SHO is about 70 btw. When we saw what it was, John was like "no they didn't".... So he easily caught up and passed them back. Then we waited for fricken' ever at the stop sign where the lake road meets hwy 55. After a while we saw their headlights. So we just sat, and the SHO pulled around us and floored it as soon as they were around us far enough. John floored it well after the SHO, who with all the "flooring" and tires squealing, got its front bumper maybe to the drivers side door of the stealth. That lasted about a second, and by 130, it was a speck.

Then there's all the times we beat Kevin's weak 300ZX. :P For the record, he ONLY beats us when we go from at least a 10 roll. He puts about a car and a half on us by 115-120.......in his intake, ECU, boost controller, exhaust 300ZX, holding 14psi to redline. Versus our intake, test-pipe, hotwired fuel pump, 13psi '95 TT, holding 9-10psi to redline. From a stop, he doesn't stand a chance. From a 5 roll till 140, he gets to within 2 cars of us by the time we hit the brakes. I know he's probably gonna read this eventually and get all bent. His ZX isn't really all that weak. It just doesn't compare to a 3/S :lol: .
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Post by veerfour05 » Tue Dec 26, 2006 4:41 am

I hope this link still works

http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea ... 1223023167

4g eclipse blew by me doing around 90 on the freeway, didn't stay in front long
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Post by sparkygt » Wed Dec 27, 2006 6:31 am

my favorite was a civic hatch like a 92 or 93. i had worked with him for about 6 months and i had beaten all the other civics at work. he had a fully rebuilt b16 that he built himself to stock specs (NA) individual throttle bodies, full exhaust all the suspension work gutted interior HUGE intake made from pvc with no filter solid mounts and i cant remember if he was VTEC or not or what he said he had done to the tranny but he had something done with the tranny and clutch. he beat me off the line and pulled away through first, i caught up to him in 2nd and in 3rd gear i passed like it was nothing. he said afterwards that right around 100 he pretty much loses all his power. i said that sucks maybe if you had more displacement than a pop bottle you wouldnt have that problem... :lol:
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Post by BluDevl » Wed Dec 27, 2006 7:02 pm

considering NA trannys (the the DOHC model) only go to 90mph in 3rd gear and 60mph in 2ed. You had him before 100.
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Post by dafty84 » Thu Jan 04, 2007 5:13 am

Cruisin down university by Porky's just checkin out the cool rides, not lookin for a race or anything. Pull up to the stop light and a red Mustang Gt pulls up with a dude and his chic. I can hear her talking to her boyfriend trying to get him to race me. I found this funny because he had a look like he knew that he wasn't going to win this one. She egged him on enough and he finally shouted over at me "Lets race man!" I turned to my g.f. for permission and it was granted. We both revved up, light changed, while he sat for awhile laying rubber i made my way to the next stop light with a conservative rate of acceleration, and than proceeded to wait for him at the next stop light lol.
I guess we all went through that V8, loud pipes phase at some point in our lives. Glad i finally saw the light lol.

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Post by OpTaylor » Wed Feb 28, 2007 10:34 pm

Not really have any stories but.

Me = 94 3k N/A STOCK

A few I've taken:

- 3 or so new Mustangs
- Torus SHO
- couple civics
- 98 5.0 Stang
- Pont. GA GT
- Pont. GP GT

A GTP tried to race me once but we saw reds ahead and it didn't happen.

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