Service Manuals & MMC ASA Parts Catalog

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Service Manuals & MMC ASA Parts Catalog

Post by Jamal » Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:45 am

3/S Service, Technical, Information Manuals
These are all PDF files of varying sizes that contain service and technical information reference manuals for the 3/S & GTO. To extract archive files, use 7-zip. Shoutout to 3SX for originally curating these.

Download (629MB): ___________________________________________________________________________________

Mitsubishi ASA

Mitsubishi Aftersales Support Application (MMC ASA), successor to CAPS/WINCAPS. This is extremely useful for parts lookup.

I have re-hosted the files originally from dsm-club, & added concise install instructions in the archive file.

Download (1.48GB, version note: To extract archive files, use 7-zip. To mount .iso files to create a virtual disk drive, use Virtual CloneDrive. Works on Windows 10 64-bit. Let me know if you come across a newer version of ASA from 2016+.
note 2: These electronic files have been gathered over recent years. MN 3/S makes no claims to the contents of these files and makes no assumption of copyrights or production.

Random youtube video for example of ASA:

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